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Terms and ConditionsMoP's 4ndr34 ッ


The MoP 4ndr34 Terms and Conditions ッ below sets forth the legal terms and conditions of use for 4ndr34 by MomentOfPeople, a MoP digital assistant that connects with OpenAi to deliver AI solutions via WhatsApp. By using 4ndr34 by MomentOfPeople, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined below. We recommend that you read them carefully before using this tool.

Description of 4ndr34 from MoP ッ:
4ndr34 from MomentOfPeople is an intelligent bot designed to facilitate the understanding of the solutions that MoP offers to improve communication with end customers through technology, using for such, also OpenAi artificial intelligence solutions through WhatsApp. MoP is the main moderator of this digital assistant, which is designed for a specific purpose, although it also has additional capabilities and can be trained for other purposes and companies that wish to evolve their service channels. 4ndr34 connects with MoP solutions and various #Ai technologies, including OpenAi ChatGPT, but can also connect with your company's systems in order to create faster and more efficient conversations with end users. Much of the responses and communications generated by MomentOfPeople's 4ndr34 are created exclusively by ChatGPT's artificial intelligence, though in principle, integrated and moderated by MoP ッ through ad-hoc training and training of targets and specific capabilities attributed to create unique experiences through fluid communications  with natural language.

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